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TheLegalNet™ CocktailParty goes beyond introducing you to top-quality Legal Counsel Worldwide. We make business happen! At our events we provide an opportunity for you to get to know prospective customers, suppliers, business partners and sources of business referrals. Below are some testimonials.

I met some very interesting people, and it is always nice to see Chris Koressis again. I was able to meet some potential business associates as well, and will be following up with 5 people to see what develops. I will be talking to a couple of colleagues to recommend their participation in the events. Andy Bowden, Director, Recochem

I have known Chris Koressis and Koressis Legal since 2004. Chris incorporated my company, Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc. several years ago for a flat fee of $895. There were no surprises or hidden costs. Everything was included and my company was incorporated quickly. Chris Koressis has since gone on to help with other legal services for a corporation, necessary as my company grew in size, again with no surprises - always sound, practical advice designed to protect me. I recently started a new venture in April 2015 and Chris has been there again through the incorporation process. I have been thrilled with the service and advice he provides. Gail Mercer-MacKay, President, Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc.

I've been to 3 or 4 events...I like TheLegalNet events because people aren't "afraid" to walk up to someone to chat...That's the whole point, isn't it? There is also a good mix of different careers throughout the room...The venues have always been trendy, centrally located and the registration works well...Keep up the good work. Pamela Krafchik, Product Manager, TSX Datalinx

I found a very diverse group of people, unlike other dry, same old Toronto networking events. I made some good contacts and I will try to attend more often.
David Ordon, CEO, Danbury Valuation & Business Services

I am an Ontario lawyer and used the Koressis Legal online service on TheLegalNet to incorporate a company for one of my friends. As a lawyer, I know that the flat fee of $895 is a good deal because it includes the legal work involved to determine the best choice of name for a company as well as the preparation of all pre and post-incorporation documents such as corporate by-laws, corporate resolutions, and shareholder agreements." Elissa Ferrari, LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor

I enjoyed myself and found real value in attending.
Steve Stojanovski, Corporate Communications Manager, CNX Marketlink: a business unit of Canada NewsWire

Had a great time!
Brian Gardner, Manager, Corporate Sales and Marketing, IMG Canada Ltd.

The location was a great venue for a cocktail party. This was my first attendance and I can assure you I will be attending future sessions. Not only was it a positive experience on a direct business basis, but I met a wonderful individual who will provide the opportunity of a great "synergy" relationship. Ernie Greenwood, President, Greencam

Enjoyed it very much. Met some interesting people. Keep me in the loop.
Bob Tait, Director, Investor Relations, Canadian Tire

The gourmet pizza was OK, the shrimp cocktail even better. Next time however, I'll eat beforehand so that I can have more time to network. Chris introduced me to some very interesting companies. Well done! John Truman, Angel Investor

I found the privacy law seminar at The National Club very useful and informative and the venue was good.
Sheila Towe, Consul (Trade), British Trade & Investment Office

This was my 3rd time attending. I find these events to be worthwhile from a business as well as from a social aspect. These events are unique and extremely worthwhile...I believe that participants obtain good value.
Aviv Haras, Senior Relationship Manager, Mid-Market Commercial Banking, Scotiabank

Best networking event in Toronto! Great mix of people and sufficient time allocated to networking!
Wojtek Kowalczewski, Founder, ConsulSoft Inc.

I really enjoyed the event, especially the fact that I was able to re-establish contact with former collegues. Thanks so much for your hospitality -- you're doing a great job for the business community.
Susan Brown, Senior Counsel, Suncor Energy Products Inc.

Thanks for the invitation to TheLegalNet cocktail party. The venue was great and I had a good time.
Dayna Patterson, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking, Scotiabank

I had a very enjoyable time and met a number of interesting people. Thanks for the invite. Michael Davies, VP & General Counsel, General Electric Canada Inc.

I enjoyed the event last Thursday night. I will definitely plan to be at the next one. Meeting professional people in a congenial atmosphere for business and social contact, is indeed a great concept. You ought to be complimented for the idea. Cedric Jobe, VP, Nuclear Regulatory Affairs, Ontario Power Generation.

I think the event was great. People were ready to meet and talk and that's the desired result. The food was fine and the venue was fine. Thanks for inviting me Chris, I look forward to attending the next one. Paul Heino, President, Sundex Information Systems Inc.

I must compliment you on an excellent forum. I have been to many business networking events in my career and have never been to one with such high quality guests. I will attend these from now on and will recommend the evening to a few of my associates. Frank Dion, Partner, 8PMGroup Inc.

The quality and stature of the attendees was most respectable, and I came away with some interesting prospects for the remote control software that we are just now introducing. Your contribution to building a proactive business community is valued.
Howard Arfin, Director, Pervasive Computing, Computer Systems Centre Corp.

I wish I had had more time last night at the event. I enjoyed meeting some new and interesting contacts...The venue was conducive to this kind of event. The invitees were interesting and approachable and there was a good mix (male, female, ages, businesses, etc.)
Jim Anas, President & CEO, Dinecorp Hospitality Inc.

It was a lot of fun and a good turnout. Thanks for including us...we will be there at the next one!
Liz Deacon, National Account Manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Thanks for the invite - it was a very well run (and attended) event. I had a good time and met quite a few interesting people. Kudos for all your efforts! Bob Basadur, President,

The cocktail parties are a great idea. It makes one realize just how powerful (and fun) networking can be. I enjoyed the evening and I look forward to attending the next one.
Anonymous, CIBC, Global Sourcing and Payment Processing.

Thank you for inviting me to the party last night. It was great. Awesome way to meet new people and do some networking. It was a nice turnout and a great location.
Anna Jacobi, Business Development Manager, COGNICASE

A worthwhile and enjoyable evening of networking in a relaxed environment. Many good contacts initiated.
Andrew Pigott, Partner, Campbell Valuation Partners Ltd.

I'd like to thank you for inviting Janet and I to last night's event. We both enjoyed attending and met some interesting people.  Please keep us in mind for future events you may be organizing!
Linda Hart, Human Resources Manager, EDS Canada

It was a lot of fun and we met some very nice people!
Tracey Matchett, National Account Manager, InStore Focus Inc., A Standard Broadcasting Company

I thought it was a very good gathering last night. Thank you and congratulations on organizing it so well. John H. Jefferson, Vice-President, Hilco Appraisal Services, LLC

Just wanted to thank you for the invite to TheLegalNet. I enjoyed the networking and I am following up on some potential business that arose.
Tony Tobias, President & CEO, Pangaea NewMedia Inc.

We enjoyed the occasion and had some valuable discussions.
Lawrence Alexander, General Manager Canada, Hummingbird Ltd.

I had a wonderful time. It was great to be able to see and meet new and interesting people.
Effie Michailidis, Executive Assistant, Hudson's Bay Company  

I enjoyed it and look forward to attending another. Gene Joelson, Director, Business Development, Array Systems Computing Inc.

The event was a lot of fun. Great Job! Georgia Striftobolas, Investment Specialist, CIBC

I had a great time. Met some old business acquaintances and made new ones. Thanks for inviting me. Gilles Robert, President, Adams Research Group

It was a great event - and congrats to you for organizing it. Everyone who I spoke to enjoyed it as well. Can't wait until the next one! Sophie Vlahakis

Thanks for the invite, Chris. I had a good time.
Jyotika Malhotra, Director, e-Business Rogers Communications Inc.

I manage to find myself at far too many events sometimes - I must say that I really enjoyed the event. Look forward to the next one. Paul Kerr, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems

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