TheLegalNet™ is pleased to offer you the opportunity to incorporate a Canadian company. We recommend incorporating a federal corporation even if you only intend to do business within one province in Canada. A federal corporation does not cost you any more than a provincial corporation. And it gives you the maximum flexibility because a federal corporation can be registered in any one or more provinces. And most importantly the name for your company becomes automatically registered across Canada.


Consider the general advantages of incorporating and the advantages of a federal corporation. Consider also spinning off part of your existing company for an IPO, divestiture, joint venture or for tax planning. Consider also the benefits of incorporating a personal services corporation that can contract with your employer for your services. For Canadian-controlled private corporations claiming the small business deduction, the net tax rate is currently only 11%. Unlike a corporation, a sole proprietorship or business name registration does not qualify for this low tax rate. The income of the sole proprietorship or business name registration is taxable to the individual that owns it. You can save a significant amount on your income taxes by incorporating in Canada.

TheLegalNet™ FEDERAL INCORPORATION service costs only $895.00 TODAY .
This price includes legal fees, government fees, shipping & handling, and all disbursements.
This price is GUARANTEED to be the lowest available price and it includes all of the following:

  1. Nuans Name Searches for up to 3 names

  2. Analysis of the Nuans Search Reports

  3. Legal Advice on Best Corporate Names

  4. Preparation of Federal Articles of Incorporation

  5. Filing Federal Articles of Incorporation

  6. Registration of Office

  7. Filing Notice of Directors

  8. Filing Initial Return

  9. Certificate of Incorporation

  10. Business Corporation Number

  11. Issuance of Shares

  12. Organizational By-laws

  13. Minutes & Corporate Resolutions

  14. Shareholders Agreement

  15. Government Filing Fees, Disbursements & Taxes

  16. Shipping & Handling

Our customers love our services. Here are some example of what they say:

"I have known Chris Koressis and Koressis Legal since 2004. Chris incorporated my company, Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc. several years ago for a flat fee of $895. There were no surprises or hidden costs. Everything was included and my company was incorporated quickly. Chris Koressis has since gone on to help with other legal services for a corporation, necessary as my company grew in size, again with no surprises - always sound, practical advice designed to protect me. I recently started a new venture and Chris has been there again through the incorporation process. I have been thrilled with the service and advice he provides."

Gail Mercer-MacKay, President, Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc.

"I am an Ontario lawyer and used the Koressis Legal online service on to incorporate a company for one of my friends. As a lawyer, I know that the flat fee of $895 is a good deal because it includes the legal work involved to determine the best choice of name for a company as well as the preparation of all pre and post-incorporation documents such as corporate by-laws, corporate resolutions, and shareholder agreements."

Elissa Ferrari, LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor

Please start by completing the form below. Tell us the name that you would like to use for the company and we will do the rest. Our unique process takes less than five minutes of your time and a company is typically incorporated within 24 to 48 hours if the name you choose is available. We will search up to three additional names if your first choice is not available AND advise you on the best choice under applicable laws - NO EXTRA CHARGE - NO HIDDEN FEES

During the incorporation process, you may speak to an experienced, trusted and reliable Canadian business lawyer Chris Koressis at anytime by calling 416.720.1624 or you can email him at

Our fee of $895 for all the above services by an experienced Toronto business lawyer is the lowest in the industry. Don't be misled by competing offers that do not include all of the above services. Other companies may quote you an initial low fee and then charge you extra for the additional services that you need to properly carry on business. Those additional services could end up costing you $1500 and more! Our fee is all-inclusive because it is subsidiaized by Koressis Legal . Please note our price guarantee current as of : If within 30 days you find a faster process and lower price for comparable service, we will match the price and give you $200 for your trouble.

We guarantee the payment process is safe and secure. Our Toronto business lawyer, Chris Koressis, has performed a legal audit on our payment process to ensure it complies with the law and all reasonable standards.

You cannot do better than incorporating with TheLegalNet™ -

Only $895.00 - All Inclusive - No Hidden Fees

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