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Access top-quality Legal Counsel Worldwide.

TheLegalNet™  offers you top-quality, effective and efficient legal counsel anywhere in the world. You can get the legal services you need through our international association of independent law firms. With more than 5,000 well-connected lawyers in 63 countries, TheLegalNet is your one stop source of legal services throughout the world. TheLegalNet gives you the contacts and the expertise you need to make business happen. Anywhere.

Establish a Canadian Business - Incorporate Online

TheLegalNet™ is pleased to offer you the opportunity to incorporate a Canadian company (which is best for doing business across Canada) with extra-provincial registration (the federal company can be registered in any one or more provinces) for the all inclusive price of only $895.00. This price includes both legal fees and disbursements. Consider the general advantages of incorporation and the advantages of a federal corporation. Consider also spinning off part of your existing company for an IPO, divestiture, joint venture or for tax planning. Consider also the benefits of incorporating a personal services corporation that can contract with your employer for your services. TheLegalNet™ incorporation service is all inclusive for only $895.

Become a Member of TheLegalNet™ 

You do not need to become a member of TheLegalNet to attend our networking events in Toronto. However, for an annual cost of $225, membership has its privileges.

Membership in TheLegalNet entitles you to a free consultation with Chris Koressis (416.720.1624) a Canadian business lawyer in Toronto that Makes Business Happen. Having worked at three multinational companies (Royal Bank, CIBC and Geac Computer Corporation), Chris Koressis has practical, hands-on experience on the legal and business risks, and the opportunities, vital to the success of any company. Chris offers his clients a 5 point Guarantee: Better Access; Faster Service; Plain Language; Less Paper; Candid Legal Advice.

Membership also entitles you to a free consultation with one of several accounting firms that are approved by TheLegalNet as providers of professional accounting, financial, taxation and audit services.

Membership also gives you accesss to NATIONAL Public Relations - Canada's leading communications and public relations agency. This may include a PR review of your company's communications goals, assessment of the trends and issues affecting your industry, and top line recommendations to drive your communications needs and achieve high impact results.

Last but not least, membership gives you VIP status and needs-based targeted introductions to the clients and contacts of Chris Koressis at two of our regular cocktail parties. In addition, members get invited to attend ThePresidentsLunch™ 

If you would like a personal invitation to attend one of our events and get more information about membership benefits, please visit About you. At TheLegalNet, we place a great deal of value in the trust of our customers. You can feel confident that all information that you submit to this site, including personal contact information, will be used exclusively for internal purposes, and never sold or released to an outside party.

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